JCG Digital provides social media services for comanies in and around Sutton Coldfield.

I can save you time and ultimately ensure you are maximising your business’ online reputation via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Social media is here to stay. The reason social media is here to stay is because it essential for the success of SEO, blogging and PR. Plus, social media is a powerful tool in helping build and maintain an influential network.

I manage and grow a number of social media networks for many recognisable brands based in and around Sutton Coldfield.

I don’t work in isolation, I liaise regularly with my clients to ensure all social media activity is on message and delivered in a timely manner.

Broadly, I provide the following social media agency services:

    • Account and profile setup

    • Objective setting

    • Multiple account management with message tailoring

    • Daily posts/tweets

    • Daily network growth

    • Daily network interactions

    • Daily monitoring

    • Monthly ROI stats reporting

I can ensure you grow an influential social media network with a direct and positive impact upon your website’s traffic.

My service is different to most other social media agencies because I agree and put in place measurable objectives and I understand the whole marketing mix and how social media fits within it

If you want to know more, please get in touch.